Once upon a time...

La Casa delle Rose was the family summer residence and contains many happy memories of my childhood.

Almost 20 years have passed, since my brothers and I played in the garden and among the rose plants… how many things have changed since then! How many building works, how many sacrifices our parents made in this house: every year, a new project, a renovated apartment, a cellar that turns into a comfortable tavern.

In 2017, at the age of 26, together with my family, I finally decided to start my own business and to turn our summer residence into a tourist accommodation.

La Casa delle Rose is the business seat of our tourist enterprise. Our apartments are spread between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont and each of them has its own name of a rose.

I will tell you about my career as a landlady

My name is Giulia, I am the owner of La Casa delle Rose and I would never have said that I would have embarked on this career in my life.

I studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Aosta feeding my passion for the sociology of cultures in the world, knowledge of languages and international relations disciplines.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to deepen my interests by attending language courses abroad, a design master, professional courses in graphics, photography, programming, and digital communication obtaining qualifications about which I am enormously proud.

After starting my job, I also choose to take the path of brokerage business agent, evaluating the future possibility of a career as a real estate agent.

My studies and skills, learned throughout my life, are fundamental in my job and let me organize my business quite independently.

However, I am not alone to do all the work: help and support of my family never fail.

I owe my parents my great happiness and fortune to be able to carry out an entrepreneurial job today that fills me with enthusiasm!