The innovative reception idea:
The Brilliant Host

You should see my customers at check in, at our first meeting: they all have the same look!

"I like to see them like this, excited and uneasy, with their thousand questions in their heads and the fear of being a nuisance to ask for any information.
So, I sort their bags and accompany them home, where I start making coffee.
"How about a good snack and organize your vacation together?" The smiles that light up on their faces are the greatest gift.

“Not only apartments, but authentic travel experiences!”

The Brilliant Host: the innovative idea of hospitality

Traveling is discovering, sharing, filling your luggage with incredible emotions and memories!

It is precisely from this premise that we founded our new Host concept: "The Brilliant Host" is a unique approach to work and the real reason for our success! What we offer to our guests are not only apartments and exciting experiences for their holidays, but moments of sharing and small attentions that make a stay truly special.

What do we earn by investing so much time with our customers?

A wonderful job, a lot of cultural wealth and new wonderful friendships that last despite time and distance!